Rock Hill Honey Bee Farms in Stafford VA 22556
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Stafford, VA 22556


Proven Pollination Service

Pollination is the foundation of many of the foods we eat every day. At Rock Hill Honey Bee Farms in Stafford, Virginia, we do our part to ensure that foundation is laid each year with our reliable pollination service. We set aside several hives each year to ensure pollination of any crop, including melons, pumpkins, cucumbers, apples, blueberries, almonds, and more.

Increasing Numbers

Many of the hives we set aside are divided into new hives and sent along to increase their numbers. Our management techniques and tools of pollination hive vary greatly.
These hives are supported on pallets with U-clips, and contain four hives per pallet for easy relocation at your site. We continually monitor and medicate hives for tracheal mites, varroa, and small hive beetles. We also undergo an inspection each year to ensure that we don’t spread disease or pets to your fields.
To ensure the best production each year, contact us for our reliable pollination service.
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