Rock Hill Honey Bee Farms in Stafford VA 22556
(703) 595-1179
45 Pinto Lane
Stafford, VA 22556


Delicious Raw Honey

Buy your honey local, and enjoy fresher, more natural flavor. Rock Hill Honey Bee Farms in Stafford, Virginia, sells pure clover and wildflower raw honey from our own hives. We are a small apiary averaging 150 to 300 live hives at a time, and our honey is not heated or force filtered, ensuring you get pure honey that’s loaded with healthy enzymes.

Pure, Raw Quality

Nothing is ever added to or removed from our raw honey. What you buy comes to you exactly the way the bees made it, ensuring you enjoy a natural sweetener that’s packed with healthy benefits. Honey lasts a very long time, in fact, tombs in Egypt were found to discover edible honey that was thousands of years old.
Raw honey is released slowly into the bloodstream, instead of all at once, which means it’s better for your body, as well. We sell five-buckets, and offer wholesale service to businesses throughout the country. Additionally, we sell beeswax, pollen, comb honey, and candles.
Pure Raw Honey
Contact us to learn more about the benefits of raw honey, or to order yours today!
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